SmartBarcode,a product support for supply chain integration
Supply chains are facing many challenges.
In logistics, the backbone of the chain, there is an urgent need to move to co-delivery, co-storage, and the physical Internet due to the 2024 problem caused by a reduction in the number of drivers and restrictions on working hours.
In the manufacturing industry, there is a need to standardize data in global supply chains (e.g., GS1 compliance), respond to DPP, which requires visualization of where raw materials are mined, where they are made into finished products, how they are transported, and the total amount of CO² emissions, as well as data linkage between companies and providing safety and security to consumers. The SmartBarcode is a system that allows each user to create their own SmartBarcode.
SmartBarcode will flexibly solve supply chain issues by visualizing the entire chain while recording necessary information for each service in a chain designed for each user.

Clients and Partners

As of October 2023